Jordan Hinton, Tabula Rasa, 2023, Acrylic, spray paint, ink, pastel, sand, water from the James River, quilt, rope, and chain, 60 x 84 in., Courtesy of the artist

Persistence of Memory

Sherman Edwards (Hampton), Jordan Hinton (Newport News), Rondall “RJ” James (Williamsburg), Lucy Kilpatrick (Richmond), and Gia Labidi (Norfolk).

November 4, 2023 - January 7, 2024
  • William M. Grace Community Gallery

About the exhibition

This group exhibition considers the ways in which memories are present in minds, materials, and art objects. Featuring five artists from Hampton Roads and Richmond, the exhibition presents works spanning sculpture, painting, and printmaking. Memories live inside us as both image and feeling; some are clear, others elusive. As such, the works included here encompass both figuration and abstraction, recreating vivid images from the mind's eye or evoking the fragments of time that coalesce into the incomplete whole we call the past.  These works declare: Not all marks will fade. Our task is to ponder which memories remain, and why.

All works are courtesy of their respective artists. 

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