About the exhibition

A nocturne, by definition, is a dreamy musical composition evocative of night, or, in visual art, a nocturnal scene in a painting.

Nocturne in the Grace Community Gallery expands upon these traditional definitions with works that portray twilight or night, light emerging from darkness, or the stark contrast between light and dark. The mystery implied by darkness – and the reality exposed by light – coexist and enhance one another in this eclectic selection of work.

The loosely interpreted theme of Nocturne also ties into the main exhibition, Night Light, in the Anne Noland Edwards Gallery. For the artists in Night Light, light is an essential tool in the creation and execution of their works, which either incorporate light directly or project it onto a surface to activate it. Light is, of course, a basic component of most art. But these exhibitions focus specifically on light in relation to dark – with all of the philosophical implications inherent to that contrast.

The William M. Grace Community Gallery is named in honor of Bill Grace, local entrepreneur and generous and community-minded supporter of the arts and education in Virginia. The founder and CEO of Grace Industries, one of Hampton Roads’ most successful businesses, Grace is also a highly regarded photographer. Because of his deep devotion to our community, it is fitting that the William M. Grace Community Gallery is dedicated to presenting work by talented artists from the Hampton Roads region. We gratefully acknowledge Bill Grace’s support, and the opportunity to celebrate the artistic talent that thrives in this region, in Nocturne and future exhibitions.