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A special thanks to our Charter Patrons who have provided foundational support enabling us to present engaging exhibitions, innovative programs and enriching experiences that elevate the quality of life in our community and ensure that the arts are accessible to all. Our Charter Patrons made the dream of creating the magnificent Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Center come true. We look forward to celebrating the wonderful ways that their contributions change lives through the wonder of the visual arts.



Mr. and Mrs. George J. Torggler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Edwards III
City of Newport News


Connoisseur Circle ($10,000 and above)

     Abbitt Family Foundation
Wanda Austin and John E. Decher III
Mr. and Mrs. J.W.W. Chisman
Mrs. Martha Field
William M. and Janice D. Grace
Mrs. Thomas N. Hunnicutt
Langley Federal Credit Union
Larry King Law
Terri ‘86 and Matt McKnight
Mary Neale
Newport News Shipbuilding
Randolph D. Rouse Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Helmuth W. Trieshmann, Jr.
Liz and John Warters
Dr. Drina Northam and Women’s Executive Healthcare, PC


Artist Circle ($5,000-9,999)

Christina M. Austin and Scott C. George
Ramona and Robert Deal
Elizabeth Garrett
Mary Katherine Hogg
Elizabeth S. Holt


Collector ($2,500-4,999)

Charlie and Mari Ann Banks
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Carlson
Virginia Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Gentry, Jr.
Dan and Patricia Mooza
John and Amine Morgan - in honor of Anne and Gus Edwards
William and Lisa Pile
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder
Mr. Charles R. Spencer, Jr.
J. Lynn and Adelia P. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Witt


Director ($1,000-2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bowditch Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph P. Bryant
William R. Carpenter III - in memory of Carol Dunville Carpenter
Rev. George and Flora D. Chioros
Ken and Jan Clarke
John and Debbie Dahms
The David Family
Sandra Embry
Christine and Jimmy Ferguson
Anne Fowler
John and Rose Garrett
Dr. C. Delp and Mrs. Dona L. Givens
Guilde Hall
Isabel Duncan Hatchett Foundation
Polly Holt
Nancy E. Horgan
Samantha and Steve Howell
Maureen and Brian Hutchens
Dr. and Mrs. Leland G. Jordan
Dr. Vince and Terry Joseph
Jim Knight
Scott and Muriel Millar
Timothy J. and Iva D. Miller
Ed and Beth Moore
Greg and Mary Kay Nixon - in memory of Charles and Mary Lou Villa
Jeanette and Kevin O'Connell
PMA Architecture
Jim and Nettie Reames
Dr. Mark U. Reimer
Michael and Nancy Singleton
Larry Smail
Mr. and Mrs. Conway W. Smith III
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Stephens
Tidewater Society
Cameron and Elizabeth Voss
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wash
Virgina Fitzhugh Wilson


Curator ($500-999)

Charles and Susan Armfield
Edward F. Aniolek
Jim and Jackie Batterson
Jered M. Benoit
Sylvia Berry
Dr. Arna A. Bontemps and Dr. Jacqueline Bontemps
Theodora P. Bostick
Bronstein Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Carpenter
James and Mary Lee Dunn
Mrs. Allen Findley
Lynne Fiscella
Holly and Mark Hager
Bryan Harper
Ms. Nancy J. Hecker
Whalon and Maria Herbert
Kim and Eric Hinson - in memory of Suzanne Hinson
Mary Sherwood Holt
Don and Pam Huck
Drs. Michael and Linda Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kohlman
Ms. Hollis B. Koons
Dr. and Mrs. St. George T. Lee
Jeanne L. Macomber
Larry and Linda Makowski
Mickey and Carolyn Marcella
 Steven and Joan Marks
David and Debbie Mumford
Douglas Nelson and Susan Mackel
Rich and Pat Rinaldo
Robert and Debbie Robichaud
Barbara and Neal Rosenbaum
Scott and Tricia Russell
Mr. Ward R. Scull III and Family
Howard Smith P. Smith and Michelle S. Hogge
Stephen Streker
James E. Taylor
Mr. William C. Tennis
Andrew and Karen Velkey
Phyllis B. Wallace
Tim Whitlock CPA and Patti Brown
Jack and Susanne Wood


Apprentice ($250-499)

Ms.Elizabeth Barrows
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beckstoffer II
Nicole Benson
Elizabeth Bernhard
Wanda and David Blalock
Julian H. Blalock, Jr.
Robert and Deborah Boggs
Madonna Brink
Suzane Hinson Brooks
Anne R. Burnette
Tim Buse and Julie Arthur
Michelle Campbell
Brad and Libby Carmines
Kacey Sydnor Carneal
Shirley F. Cooper and Van Spiker
Sylvia Weinstein Craft
Amie and Greg Dale
Dr. Adarsh and Pat Deepak
Joanne Dingus
Dr. and Mrs. Travers Edwards Jr.
Dr. Michelle Erhardt and Mr. Seth Merritt
Richard and Eliane Freund
Stephanie and Jack Gelman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goetz, Jr.
Chip and Baylee Goldstein
Ralph and Bobbi Goldstein
Melissa Goodson
Joanne and Richard Gordon
David and Sarah Green
Ms. Edna A. Griffenhagen
Ms. Susan Jackson Haas
Carlton Hardy
James and Nancy Healy
Tom and Donna Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hoskins
J.A. Hough, C.P.A.
Ms. Susan J. Houser
William and Suzanne Howell
Mr. Richard W. Hudgins
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall C. Jones
Kevin and KJ Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy  Kaligos
Carol-Marie Kiernan
Kevin R. Kropp
Steven and Julie LoCicero
Brian and Holly McGuire
C. Gary Merritt and Fauzia Rashid
Ronald and Rebecca Mitchell
Patrick D. Moore
Ms. Susan M. Morse
Ms. Erika Nestler
Dr. and Mrs. Jay S. Paul
William H. Peiffer
Jackie Peters
Kathleen Pietrasanta
John and Elizabeth Porter
Mrs. Darrlyn K. Reynolds
Mary Carr Roberts
Sherrill L. Schneider and Howard C. Mandeville
Bobby and Debbie Scott
Bill and Ginger Smith
Skip and Lindsey Carney Smith
Rick and Karen Spaulding
Susan and Parker Stokes
Jeffrey and JoAnne Trimbur
Sandy Tudor
Andrew and Karen Velkey
Mr. M. Baxter Vendrick, Jr.
Fran Walsh Ward, PhD
Carolyn M. Webb
Maureen T. Wiese
Karen Wilds and Charles Farquhar MD
Jessica and Hunter Willis
Donald and Bethany Young
Mrs. Kathleen Young


Associate ($100-249)

Karen and Paul Adamo
Dr. and Mrs. David Alexick
Jim and JoEllen Anklam
Dr. Joyce Armstrong
Millie Arthur
Aura Aten
Deborah and John Ball
Sarah and Jim Barnett
Steph Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Basnight
Dr. Nancy Topping Bazin
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Gloria Beaty
Tony and Ann Bellecci
Marsha and Dominick Bevacqua
Diana Blanchard Gross
Maggie and Ken Bowen
The Honorable Chris L. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Boyles
Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Bradie
Bill and Michelle Brauer
Lou and Monika Brenner
Sandra and Larry Bridgman
Anne Brooks
Cami and Russ Brooks
Laura Y. Brown in memory of Philip Winthrop Brown
Jessica Byars - in memory of Kathy Byars
Margaret and Eddie Chengiah
Allison and Bill Clock
Irene L. Cohen
Gloria and Luke Coker
Randy Colker and Shirley Estes
Dr. Robert Colvin and Dr. Qingyan Tian
Elizabeth Cooper
John and Patricia Cork
Janie and Jorge Cortina
Shanen Costanzo
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Crawford
Jeanette Criscione and Jan Massey
Robert and Sheila Dann
Jim and Carol Dees
Louise and Donald Divis
Ernestine Dole
Bren Douros
Carmen Downing
Judith and Barry Dressel
George and Mary Ellen Dreybus
Rick and Betty Elofson
Pamela Elzarian
Mrs. Holland Etheridge
Angel and Teresita Figueroa
Melinda Fitzgerald
Jeff Garrison
Dr. Norma Nesbitt Givens
Patricia Gomuwka, M.D.
Ms. Phyllis G. Greenway
Lt. Col Ret. U.S. Air Force Karen D. Hargrove
Tyler and Cristi Hart
Dr. Nancy Lenz Harvey
Robert Haugland and Jan Lindeman
Johnny Hayes
Merrill Hemmert
Alayna and Bryn Henderson
Gayle Hicks
Debra Hill
George  Hillow
Carolyn Hirst
Robert and Linda Hirst
Sue and Joe Hogue
Mrs. Waltraud G. Hollingsworth
Fritz and Vera Horne
Jim and Kay Hughes
Rhonda C. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Hunter
Lori  Ann Jacobs
A.J. Jelonek
Dan Jobson
Walter and Beverly Judd
Leslie S. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Katz
Judith E. Kavit
Matthew J. Kelly and Jacquelyn S. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William C. King, Jr.
Paul and “Subalu” Susan Knopfle
Vicki and Robert Lanier
 Kay S. Larrieu
Ms. Kara A. Latorella
Mary Leedom
Sarah Bushey Liles
Lee and Elishia Lockwood
Christy W. Lumm
Karen Macri
Ken and Sandy Marcuson
Alan and Ellen McCandless
Hope A. McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. McDermott
Susan G. McInnis
Sandra McKenzie
Barbara and Ken McLennan
Brian and Linda McMahon
Epes McMurran
Patricia Melochick
Dr. Michael Meyer and Rosalee Pfister
Pete Mikulka
Raymond Mineck
Blaise and Marlene Montandon
Alexandra Moores ‘23
Page S. Morahan
Mary Jane Morewitz
Patrick and Katherine Murphrey
Debra Nicolai
Barbara Corell Oakes
Gary Ott
Jaron Anthony Overton
Kathleen Packard
Mr. Christopher R. Papile and Mrs. Veronica A. Weymouth
Francie Pearce
Susan and Mike Piland
Liz Plashinski
Richard and Laurine Press
Holly Proctor
Chuck and Jane Quilhot
Louise Ragland
Bryant and Dawn Ramirez
Megan Randall-Heldens
Janet Hirshman Rash
J. Fred Rich
Carol Ritz
Henry P. Robertson
Ivan Rodden
Mrs. Janice A. Roe
Linda S. Roesen
Dr. and Mrs. Kipp D. Rogers
Margaret and Jeffry Rosner
Robert and Alice Rubinstein
Mr. David Rutan
Larry and Ruth Sacks
Bill and Tudie Saunders
Debbie Schlenkermann
Diane Meredith Scott - in memory of Jennifer Leilani Scott
Diane Scudder
Sarah Semones
Charlene Sevier
Dennis and Carol Shaw
Ms. Sharon L. Shewbridge
Elizabeth Boan Shumate
Martha Sides
Ms. Christina L. Sincere
Barbara Smith
Kathleen and Feryl Stover
Jane B. Sulzberger
Mr. and Mrs. Noel A. Talcott Jr.
Richard and Margie Tate
Penny Taylor
Lynn Teravainen
The Terzić Family
Jim Thompson
Michael and Brooke Tiller
Emily Todd
Ellen and John Tompkins
James and Judith Townsend
Donna Trolenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tucker
Steven David Tung
VA Peninsula Magazine
Doug and Charlotte Vaughan
Ed and Kim Voska
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Waddill
Patricia Walsh
Raymond and Catherine Walsh
Kevin L. Warrick
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Wason
John and Justine White
David and Judith Williams
Martha Wimsatt
Jill Winkowski
Carolyn Wood
Dr. Patricia P. Woodbury, Councilwoman
Betty Wrightson
Michael and Tara Yarkey
Katherine Yeung


Reflects gifts from January 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list.
 Please email with corrections.
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